School Participation:

All schools are invited to participate.  

Registration Form

Medals Order Form

Please contact for information about registration and ordering supplies.

Read a great book?  Let us know!  Librarians, teachers, students, and parents are encouraged to submit books for Lectio consideration via this Google form.

Important Dates:

  • August:  Promote list in schools
  • Early April:  Students vote for favorite book
  • April 7:  Voting ballots due.  Schools are welcome to vote locally after this date, but will not be counted in the national voting contest.  
  • April 7:  Medal orders due.  Schools are invited to order custom Lectio medals for students who read all 20 books.  
  • April/May:  Celebrate students’ participation in Lectio Book Awards program
  • May:  Upcoming year’s list announced to participating schools before close of school year

School Celebrations:

Each school is welcome to determine their own levels of promotion and celebration as appropriate for their school community.  Some choose to offer participation rewards, while others simply offer the list as suggested “good books.”

Suggested Reward Levels:

  • 5 books – Voting for favorite book
  • 10 books – Certificate + voting
  • 15 books – Party, certificate, + voting
  • 20 books – Medal, party, certificate, + voting

Suggested Rewards:

  • Voting
  • Certificates
  • Party – Pizza, Ice Cream, Movie in the Library, etc.
  • Medals
  • T-Shirts
  • Book Giveaways (ARCs, duplicate copies of Lectio books, discounted book fair buys)

2017-2018 Participating Schools:

Holy Family Catholic School, Austin, TX

St. Gabriel’s Catholic School, Austin, TX

St. Louis Catholic School, Austin, TX

St. Mary’s Catholic School, Taylor, TX

St. Theresa’s Catholic School, Austin, TX

St. Helen’s Catholic School, Georgetown, TX

St. Austin’s Catholic School, Austin, TX

St. Joseph Catholic School, Bryan, TX

Cathedral School of St. Mary, Austin, TX